UHF Tag Reader Activo SR600 (10-200M)
UHF Tag Reader Activo SR600 (10-200M)
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SR600 (10-200M)
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UHF Integrated Reader SR600 (10-200M)
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)

Brand Name:SLON
Model Number: SR-300
Type:UHF Integrated Reader
Name:UHF Integrated Reader
Type:Original New
●  Integrated design, stableperformance, and easy to install.
●  The size of similar products,read and write the distance farther than  they
●  The same type of product,identification tag a faster speed than they;
●  High-speed moving objects canalso be easily identified to
●  Two protocols can be compatiblewith 18000-6C/6B
●  Frequency hopping mode tobecome strong anti-interference ability
●  Multiple tags can besimultaneously read and write
Technical parameters:
Operating frequency
902 ~ 928MHz, 868MHz Or the otherfrequencies, can be customized 
according touser needs
Working Mode
From the software settings are hoppingor fixed frequency work.
Supported Standard 
ISO18000-6B, ISO1800-6C, EPCglobalClass 1 Gen2.
Reading and writing Tags
In line with international standardprotocol ISO18000-6B/6C tag. 
RF power
20~30dBm (with country or region may be slightly different)
Antenna Built
Antenna and reader integration.
Antenna Gain
12dBI Horizontal polarization.
Antenna power
Access to the antenna power 5W,adjustable.
Read and write distance
Read and write ISO label stablerange10-30m, The distance from the tag
antenna size of the decision.
Communication Mode
RS232, RS485, Wiegand26, Wiegand32,Wiegand34, 10/100M Ethernet, 
TCP/IP(Custom), USB1.1(Custom).
Switching signal output
Reading labels relay output switchingsignal, for access or alarm or other
Identification of high-speed label
Able to identify mobile speed 120-360km / h between the tags.
Development Software
We will provide the SDK softwaredevelopment kit and communications 
protocols and DEMO.
Operating Voltage
DC 12V.
Operating temperature
-35 ℃ -75 ℃.
Storage temperature
-40 ℃ -80 ℃.
Operating Humidity
Case Material
450 × 450 × 65mm.
Packing Accessories
Adjustable mounting bracket 1 set,DC12V power supply 1, power lines 1,
serial communication line 1, CD 1.
Typical applications:
●  Intelligent traffic management,road and bridge toll collection
●  Release customs clearanceinspection
●  Intelligent parking accessmanagement
●  Warehouse inventory management
●  Personnel access control
●  Enterprise asset management
●  Special equipment management
●  Personnel location management
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